We all come in different shapes.

The eWomenNetwork in Austin held their monthly luncheon last week. What a sharp group of women from so many diverse backgrounds. While I enjoyed the chance to head out of my office and make some new connections, I was most looking forward to hearing from the master of networking, Carol Thompson of The Thompson Group. A legend in the Austin business community, she’s delightful in her delivery and gets down to what you need to know. Among her advice for stimulating your career in today’s economy was to know yourself. In the context of shapes, are you a square, a circle, possibly a triangle or more of a squiggly line? It’s important because much of being successful depends on being true to yourself. Draw on your best qualities and talents, and you’re more likely to shine. You’re also more likely to have fun. 

When you’re able to connect with your strengths, then building your brand becomes that much easier. Your brand is your reputation and sets you apart from others. This is where powerful marketing begins. I can’t stretch myself and offer up design services, but I can deliver ad copy that is compelling and on target for my client’s audience. This is my brand promise and my value. Know your shape. Define your brand. Then let’s go to market.

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