What We’re Reading: Brand Discovery + Streaming TV + New Digital Ad Options

Keeping up with all the changes in media and technology can be a headache. To help save our clients and partners time, we compile a monthly roundup of the most relevant industry news that’s too important not to share. West End Media + Marketing is here to help guide you through the ever-changing technology and media landscape. Let us know if there are any specific topics you’d like us to research and share.

5 Things to Know About Brand Discovery in 2019

How has brand discovery changed in light of social media, ad blocking and other trends? Globally, search engines remain the most important source, cited by 37% of GlobalWebIndex survey respondents as the main way they discover new products and services. TV ads also lead the field at 36%. TV is even more important than this figure implies though, as unlike search engines it doesn’t rely on any existing need or interest in a product or category. There has been a drop in people citing TV ads for brand discovery, as well as a shift to video on demand and streaming, but other channels are yet to catch up with TV’s unique qualities.

Your guide to new ways to watch TV in 2019

Thirty-three million Americans cut the cord on cable in 2018, so it’s no surprise that more companies want in on the streaming game. Here are some of the new streaming options you’ll have in 2019, and how they plan to break into an already crowded market.

How Google will shift resources to media search and other tidbits from Gary Illyes’ Ask Me Anything

Illyes covers a lot of ground on this Reddit thread. Most interesting for content marketing is Google shifting more resources towards image and video search. “I cannot pre-announce things here, but media search is something we’re throwing more engineering resources at nowadays,” Illyes said. “Google Images and Video search is often overlooked, but they have massive potential.”

Keyword Targeting now available on the Quora Ads Platform

The question-and-answer platform Quora has expanded their ad targeting to now include Keyword Targeting, in addition to its Topic and Question Targeting. Question Retargeting is also valuable for retargeting users that have visited specific question pages. The platform has an auction format for ad bidding similar to AdWords. Advertisers who have honed in on high-performing keywords on other search platforms can easily repurpose those keywords on Quora to target users at various stages of intent. As with LinkedIn, this is a good opportunity for B2B advertisers.

LinkedIn Rolls Out Interest Targeting for Advertisers 

LinkedIn has also expanded their audience targeting capabilities. You can now create audiences of LinkedIn users based not only on their job titles, but also on the professional areas in which they’ve demonstrated active interest.

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