Creating conversions with your content

Driving traffic to your storefront or website is one thing, but getting those prospects to become paying customers is another. How many times have you stuffed items into your shopping cart, but then walked away before hitting the “Order” button? What converts a prospective customer into a sale? A good part of capturing that transaction comes down to trust. Have you established it with your customers?

How do you build trust? Every detail on your site and every level of contact you make should reinforce that trust with your customers. Of course, foremost you need to deliver on your brand promise.  If your product erases lines and wrinkles within 14 days, you should back that up. But there are other ways to build trust as well. Be sure to include product reviews and testimonials on your website. Word-of-mouth referrals are the primary factor behind 20% to 50% of all purchasing decisions according to a recent article by McKinsey Quarterly. When consumers are buying a product for the first time, they especially tend to seek out more opinions and do more research.

Building trust can also be as simple as including your contact information, photographs of yourself and your storefront, a short company history, as well as seals of secure purchasing technology services such as VeriSign. Ongoing communications with your customers can also help build their loyalty. I like newsletters, either printed or delivered via email, to stay in contact with customers. These have the added benefit of establishing you as an expert in your field by providing relevant content.

In all communications, it’s important to be yourself and be honest. If you’ve received a negative review, address it and show your concern for the customer’s experience. With each interaction, you have an opportunity to build a relationship and, ultimately, trust.

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