Online ad spending to surpass magazine and newspaper advertising combined

U.S. online ad spending is projected to grow well above 20% this year to reach $39.5 billion. This will mark the first year that online spending will surpass the total ad dollars spent on print magazines and newspapers, which are expected to total $33.8 billion in 2012. As you can see from the charts, eMarketer expects online ad spending to experience double-digit growth through 2014, when it will hit $52.8 billion.

While that outpaces other media, the variance comes more from the dramatic increase in online spending rather than large decreases in magazine and newspaper ad sales. Those numbers hold surprisingly steady. This may indicate a flattening trend and an understanding of the importance an integrated media mix brings to effective advertising outreach. This is especially true when you consider that television ad spending appears unaffected by online growth. With $67.8 billion in anticipated ad revenue for 2014, television is expected to take the greatest share of ad dollars for the foreseeable future.

2 Comments on “Online ad spending to surpass magazine and newspaper advertising combined

  1. I wonder whether the TV spending reigning supreme is not a reflection of how insanely expensive television advertising is compared with other mediums rather than that it’s the medium of choice? I also wonder if that will reverse at some point because of sheer volume of advertisers on the interwebs or if creepy reality shows will keep the ad dollars high….hmmm…..interesting post.

    1. That’s a great point! TV is expensive overall, but that’s because it delivers such a large reach. The cost per point can actually be pretty reasonable, just not very targeted. If you’re casting a wide net, it can be very effective and why it continues to receive ad dollars. I find cable programming is often much better for targeting and more cost efficient for my clients. Online advertising can also be expensive when it is reaching a broader audience, but offers great opportunities for targeted reach which is ideal for media strategy.

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